Well I been doing nothing for quite some time now figure I’d make a post give me a boost to start moving a bit what’s good with everyone on wordpress if your reading and ya wanna go ahead and let us know how you and your lady’s have been with a quick comment I know ya ain’t got shit else to do if you lookin at this haha ok for new years is my wonderful wife’s and my anniversary I got a portrait painted of her it’s perfect I just needa frame it now the woman who painted it Heidi Norman she sent a reading with it to I’ll put it at the end of the post so look for it. Lately I been having some vivid ass dreams good and crazy one moment I’m chillin with Samantha all good fuzzy feelings and shit like where actually together those dreams make me never wanna wake up and then there’s the crazy dreams like one where I was outside my house it was dark and errie I seen a man and a woman walking toward a car in my driveway I thought they where tryna steal it i had my switchblade I always carry in my hand went up and stabbed the hell out of both of them vivid as fuck waking up wondering what the hell is up with my head but I wanna talk about a dream that showed some connections to Hollywood Cali I’ll look at pictures and think of there and i get huge shocks and rushes of energy my mind told me 80s kinda punk rock vibe on Hollywood scene you know how it was around then like we had a life of craziness I can just feel the energy even thinking about it it started from a dream it was night time I was behind a club in some back alley I think we where smoking cigs yeah we where Cus after I woke up the thought of smoking cigs on the Boulevard was in my head a lot I got the feeling I wanna put it in a song one day I saw sammi once or twice I could sense a mix of sadness from her here I felt like I fucked up this time I don’t know what but the feelings I had where a mix of joy and sorrow running wild in a city of vice both of us before the dream ended my view changed to us sitting in chairs on a apartment balcony overlooking LA watching the sunrise this was the happiest moment I could feel sammi fully so much we where chillin not talking but the thought the feeling that this was where we escaped to be alone and at peace then I woke up wishing I could go back to sleep and stay asleep forever again some vivid ass shit but yeah that’s what I had to tell everyone listening I couldn’t keep it in my head well that’s it for now stay up everybody peace here’s Samanthas portrait and the reading enjoy


I wanted to use blue, straight away and I felt so much light coming in with her and a purity that I have only ever felt before when painting Angels… but her energy seems even stronger and has a powerful healing element too.

As soon as she appeared I felt her soft words… she showed me a huge, mystical mountain in the clouds and snow… and even though you live in a warm place, she is from this sacred mountain and the star realm… she is soft and radient but extremely warrior like and protective too.  Her eyes were the first part of her face to appear, over sized and blue, she helps you to see through your spiritual eyes and helps you to keep trusting in your own abilities.

Her face manifested and a strong jaw bone was important, she is proud and slightly androgynous, she is bringing balance for you to be in touch equally with your feminine and masculine sides…
Large pearls appeared as earrings and they symbolise wisdom and beauty but she also said that your life has had to be difficult at times and even harsh to get you to a higher spiritual level… just like the abrasive forming of a beautiful pearl….

She is wearing a living, green dress… with curling lucky clover and spring shoots… a small nest holds 3 precious eggs… 3 is a very significant and auspicious number for you… The eggs promise abundance not just of a material nature but abundance of the spirit and heart… A baby thrush sings sweetly and a message of trust and gentleness is important here… you need time to nurture your self and your voice and words… You need to write and listen to music, or write music?
Around her neck a golden key on a golden chain hangs amongst the vines… this key is symbolic to the key of life, wisdom and new chapters and spiritual ascension for you… You will be unlocking and opening your crown chakra with this key that she is offering you…  you will be shown other higher realms, where you will down load all you need for future work and living.

Bright rays of light emanate from her crown, when I painted this she showed me a link to New York with you…

Your crystal is citrine and your colour is emerald green.

She is very powerful and should be placed in a frame where she can be viewed from a distance… and from all angles..

I hope you love, her, she was wonderful to connect with and bring through… she has great compassion and walks with you through life.


For New Years

Hey people still around if anybody is reading hope all is well me and Samantha Samantha and I we’re living just flowing with the breeze you know I stopped posting a while back just because I wanted to concentrate more on our relationship and I’m glad to say I got true love it’s nice to block out the whole world and be with her I tell her I can’t wait to be with you hold you and give you all my love one day right she’s by me everyday everywhere I couldn’t ask for anything else expect more time with her. This post is for new years day which is our anniversary when I asked Samantha to marry me again right at 12 I remember we where laying in bed and the question was running through my head and I asked then the biggest rushes and happy feelings came over me it was the best well now it’s been a year since then feels like it’s been way longer but I’m still glad to say I love you Samantha I had to get some gifts so first I got a portrait of Samantha done by a woman from the UK Heidi Norman I found her website and figured now was the time to get it she was very friendly and helpful she sent me a reading on the side of the time she spent connecting with Samantha I think I’ll post the reading once the portrait gets here in the mail and I can share it idk yet maybe but I cant wait I also went on spells of magic and got some incense psychic tea some 4 winds herbal smoke blend and runes for Samantha everything is great we love it all here’s a quick rune reading I did check out the runes there pretty cool getting blue ones was all sammi hahaha well just to let you guys know I’m here and still paying attention stay up I’ll be back to show everyone the portrait once it gets here have a good one much peace and love from the both of us


My dream

Hey people how’s it going good I hope great well I’ma do a quick post on my dream I had last night it was pretty cool I’d say so I just wanted to post it well from what I remember right now my head still kinda fuzzy but at first I started out on a beach the sun was setting down the sky had a dark blue tint and it seemed like me and my brothers where there around a bonfire after a couple seconds I walked away a little bit not too far and there was this girl was I didn’t get a good look really but she was this cute girl with light blonde hair (hmmm I wonder I know someone who has light blonde hair sometimes) but for a while we where laying there together on the beach just staring at the ocean (which is a symbol of our love for Samantha and I) it was so serene relaxing I could feel her body close against mine it was paradise then someone started talking about sharks for some reason and I saw a fin out in the shallow water to the far left over on my brothers side and I said look there’s one and it was coming closer and closer too the shore and as soon is it lifted it’s head out the water it turned out to be a dolphin I was like wowww and I started to see all these other dolphins out swimming in the ocean soon after that though both of us suddenly ended up on a big ship that reminded me of a big ww2 battle ship we where standing on the side right by the rail on a lower deck there was a bunch of people to the side of us we were on the end but I didn’t pay attention to them it seemed like it was us two that only mattered I kept on trying to light to fire above us in some weird thing then some old guy in a officer outfit shouted who was doing that then I shouted loud IT WAS ME SIR
well It got into my head that we where going to war then my mind was all on that suddenly we ended up on this old  wooden ship on the back I could tell it was time to fight my mind was racing I turned to my friend that girl who was right by me the whole time and told her I’m scared about this can you watch my back can we stick together and she said yeah of course eventually we got too a bunch of other ships and there was a bunch of fighting started we stayed on the back of the boat shooting with these old flintlock pistols I wanted to jump off onto another boat Cus I felt like I could go assassin’s creed on the whole ship but I didn’t wanna leave her then the rest went by like a blur it’s all fuzzy but yeah I enjoyed it especially the good time on the beach well thanks for reading this friends thank you Samantha that’s all for now stay up and peace


Wasup yeah people been a while I’m back oops I mean we are back haha with some other stuff to say first I gotta tell sammi I appreciate the patience of you my wife my one true friend partner in crime haha I could and have went on for days in my mind not acknowledging her or anybody and times some others do that and think that’s the end but it’s not if the unconditional love is there then there’s no limits no judgment that’s for anyone I always try to convince myself she’s not there but I always feel her right here by my side I can tell the difference when she’s not and I hope I never have too but it’s comforting to know I’m not by myself it’s weird Cus sometimes I feel so far away lonely lost but that’s just a thought that comes and goes trying to dig it’s way into my conscious so thanks boo for the unconditional love and that burst of pure bliss you give me at random moment’s through out our day that makes the blood rush from my head too my feet sends waves through my body and widens my tired eyes she makes this shitty world seem alright thanks
Also lately I been getting random flashes through the day in my head of Samantha all close my eyes then I see her for like a second a nice picture of her your so beautiful and perfect babe inside and out I’ve yet to find a flaw I don’t think I could ever find one it took me a while to figure this whole thing out Cus I’d think it was some random girl but nope once that thought came real quick that it was her the lights in my head turned on walls began pushing in on this thought like they always do so it’s pretty safe to say I’m not completely crazy hahaha anyways this is just a update for yall let you know  I’m not dead yet how’s everyone in the wordpress community been hope your all fine we’d love to hear from anyone that wants to say anything about how their relationships are going that sort of stuff anything it’s whatever we are here to help contact us anyway you can in my questions section or on kik thatkidd602 have a great time whatever your doing peace and love from Samantha and I deuces


Hey People reading how are you guys doing not much going on with me but i just wanted to post so here i am i mean here we are haha here is a song for her from me by bones every time i sing this song my eyes start to water up no its not me crying hahaha then i get that sweet happy feeling shes giving she loves it so i couldnt be happier well not much else to say really have a lovely day Samantha and I peace deuces see ya later

One for Samantha Mary Pena

Hello friends good people hows it goin hope its great Samantha and I been fine we’ve been living and listening to Jimi Hendrix such a legend ive lost interest in all other music so Jimi it is this song is for my love we where jammin to this earlier haha love it so much i wanted to make a dedication post thing for her so enjoy if you will peace everyone tell your ladys we said hi.

My Wonderful Muse

Hello people reading this how’s everything been goin hope everyone is fine havent seen a lot of people on wp lately anyways hope all is well where just livin spending days and days together not much new except im getting a reiki sesh today from my moms friend hope Samantha can help a little too haha i have takin a random interest in Loki and his son Fenrir i just wanted to know more about them see what there about so far from what i learned there all around great gods hope i learn more soon. But i just wanna talk about my wonderful muse that keeps my mind inspired and going my lovely wife Samantha i love writing lyrics rap hip hop whatever you call it but sometimes all talk myself down like i cant do anything good or some stupid shit i hate how my mind thinks for itself just laying in the dark pondering thoughts i despise how my mind does that well yeah right when i think im out for the count theres nothing else in my head left to put down in a rhyme eventually always i get a change in mood and next thing i know the wheels are turning again and to me im putting something amazing down to a beat now i needa just get my lazy ass up and record it haha but foreal there is probably a lot of factors that play into this sudden burst of inspiration i get but i know for sure as always Samanthas there to give me that much needed boost. I’m very very thankful for it cus even if the music doesnt go anywhere at the moment it made me feel good at the top of the mountain again and my only fan i ever need ever want is right here with me thats all that matters to me music wise so yeah i just had to make this post in honor thanks gratitude all that good stuff for my lovely beautiful wonderful wife my muse my Samantha thanks if you read this stay up people peace.

A dream to remember

Well last night before going to bed at 2 30 am Samantha and I where laying together in bed my arm around her I feel the pressure of her body against me it’s the best feeling ever then we just talked about our special place I was imagining how it would look and we just talked about us she gives me strong feelings rushes of energy that feel great be stayed like that until I fell asleep.
Then I had a great dream last night/this morning I usually have random bullshit dreams but finally I dream of something I’ve always been wanting to do spend a moment with Samantha it was nothing intimate but that doesn’t really matter to me just glad this wonder time happened well some makes sense some doesn’t it’s a dream what does but enjoy friends at the beginning what I remember I was in some city that reminded me of new York kinda I guess never been there but it seemed like it in some ghetto place that’s where my mind seems to head often thanks a lot south phoenix anyways I was in a school gym middle school  I wanna say based on the size of everybody and a bunch of people where playing basketball in it was like 4 on 4 and everyone else was standing on the sideline waiting well I was in the first game running round not really doing much then are game is over and I go to wait on the sideline I notice kids laughing and I think there making fun of me so I go and talk some shit to em put them in there place real quick haha then I head to the front of the line I’m just sitting against the wall of the gym and there’s this girl sitting in front of me her white hair stands out the most to me then she turns around and at first it never crossed my mind but later I realized  hey i know who this is Samantha!! Haha and then she just starts talking to me nice and friendly now really in the past it’s been a lot easier thought about than going and talking to a girl but I don’t have that problem with  her I feel happy relaxed but anyways where just talking random stuff first we joke about how poorly I was playing in the b ball game then we kinda start talking about fun times we got into trouble I and stuff we did in the past I don’t remember much Cus then a principal I guess stepped in and started talking some gibberish while I’m just there still talking struggling to clean up my conversation smiling at her hoping he doesn’t get after me well he left and it was our time to jump back in the game but we just get up together and walk by the game under the hoop and I notice she has her arm wrapped around my shoulders holding on to me like we’ve been together for years then she runs to the other side of the court and then I do Cus I’m thinking dam I wanna be on her team but I cant see her then out of nowhere she creeps up behind me and gives me a hug and puts her arm back around me she’s smiling and it’s the most amazing smile I’ve ever seen we walk away from the game where still in the same gym but now in front of us are table benches like the ones in school cafeterias with a bunch of people sitting on them so we sit on the end and by us are these 2 guys I use to know from school and there playing this rap song then I’m just jamming to this song my attention kinda drifted away but then she gets my attention back in focus she says wanna see electricity?? And then we walk to this stage right by us and there’s this big battery generator type looking thing I don’t have a clue what it is but I just put my finger on this button there’s a see through glass part in the middle and inside the machine  there’s a bunch of blue electricity bolts it looks pretty cool then sadly after this moment sadly I’m woken up to my mom calling me on my phone thanks a lot mom but anyways that was a pretty great dream one of the best I’ve had in a while cuz I got to spend time together with the most amazing woman ever thanks for reading people stay up have a great one from sammi and I

Looking in the mirror

Well I was washing my hands and a older I wanna say wise type sounding voice told me smile I tried at first it was kinda hard why I don’t know I usually don’t do this haha but I did and it felt good real good it was a small nice warm smile I tryed to let my mind go blank like i usually do but this voice kept on talking so I let it go on it was something like “your doing alright don’t worry you won’t be here much longer relax look in the mirror look into your eyes what do you see” I looked deeper I see old wise eyes that have seen a lot although they looked tired they had a hardend piercing look to them more to them than I can see I walked to my room feeling better for some reason i hope I can make more of this weird random moment I just had anyways how’s everyone’s relationships going fine we hope one thing I wanna say and gave me a quick laugh is this thing on social media where people are comparing themselves how someone is faithful or real or some stupid stuff by there zodiac sign I seen one like faithful squad and it had a certain group of zodiac signs and they change everytime it’s not hard to see its just made up bullshit if that’s the only spiritual type thing people will see in their lives a picture telling them there zodiac sign makes them that way I feel sorry for them all pity them but that’s society now glad to say I know more than the “average” person

Morning tarot spread

Woke up this morning feeling like shit thanks a lot vodka hahaha happy 4th of July but I ain’t drinking today I’ma just chill out in the pool and stay sober in my senses so me and sammi can come home and focus on each other I’ve come to my senses now I don’t like using any substance that much anymore every high has its low but there’s nothing like that natural high especially with a wonderful wife to accompany me but lately my intuition has been getting a bit stronger day by day I feel good but anyways I did a tarot spread this morning just a random one and it came out pretty accurate so I wanna put it up on here I did a three card spread and I pulled a extra card for shits and giggles haha hope you enjoy and hope everyone enjoys there day say hi to the lady’s from Samantha and I stay up everybody